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In this Best Online TEFL Certification article, we highlight a few of the main sources for verified feedback of the award-winning teflonlinepro.com international TEFL/TESOL certification courses program: https://teflonlinepro.com/best-online-tefl-certification/ With so many online TEFL scams out there, it is so important to ensure that when you choose a program to take your international TEFL/TESOL certification with that it is a reputable program. How do you find out if a program is reputable? The easiest way to find out if a program is reputable is to locate verified reviews of the program. So, as an example, if you were wondering whether TEFL Online Pro is reputable, you would quickly be able to read verified reviews from a number of trusted sources. 1. Facebook. Facebook is an excellent source for verified reviews because this platform provides you with the advantage of being able to place a face to the review. It’s pretty easy to tell if a FB profile is fake, and pretty easy to tell is a FB profile is being maintained by a real person. 2. YouTube. YouTube is another excellent source for reviews because you can actually see graduates speaking about their TEFL/TESOL course experience in front of camera. It is possible to buy video reviews online, from places such as Fivrr, but it is pretty easy to see through those video reviews. They are just too polished and the reviewers just don’t come over as being sincere. We currently have six graduates who have submitted their TEFL Online Pro video review. 3. Trusted TEFL Reviews. Trusted TEFL Reviews is unique in that the platform doesn’t charge TEFL companies money to be listed on the site, and it doesn’t delete negative reviews for a payment either. Affiliate programs are a real issue in the TEFL/TESOl industry – some review sites use their platform solely as a way to make money off TEFL/TESOL courses, which results in poor programs being given a positive limelight if they are willing to shell out money for affiliate advertising and for the deletion of negative reviews. Trusted TEFL Reviews is one of the only unbiased Online TEFL/TESOl reviews websites out there. Thank you for reading this Best Online TEFL Certification article blogpost. Kind regards, Paul Murphy – Operations Manager – TEFL Online Pro Facebook – YouTube – Vimeo – Trusted TEFL Reviews

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