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Hey, today I want to talk about Clickbank is it legit and affiliate marketing scams. I’m going to talk about buying Clickbank products as well as selling the products.

With any affiliate network and this includes Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior Plus and Commission Junction and there are others.

They all have money back guarantees. If a product has too many problems they shut it down. Even with a merchant account from a bank, this allows someone to take debit and credit cards. Too many chargebacks, disputes and refunds will cancel their account.

In fact a big reason reason people have to pay money to process emails for business is to deal with chargebacks.

This means if you purchase a product from one of these venders, it’s not a scam and you can get your money back.

Also, if you request too many refunds for too many products they will cancel your account and blacklist you, this includes Clickbank. Too many refunds and you are the scam.

Let’s talk about making money with affiliate marketing and this is from my point of view. The way to make the MOST money with affiliate marketing, is by creating a product and have other affiliates sell it.

The problem is it takes a lot of work, plus it has to be a good product, think of Shark Tank right? There really are an insane amount of products online for sale. Even Home Depot has an affiliate program, so why would someone sale your products over someone else’s?

If you want to make money selling other people’s products on Clickbank there are problems you should be aware of. You have to be paid by 5 different people to receive 1 check. It’s just not easy and that is the truth.

It takes a lot of work to build a relationship with someone, so they give you money for the first time. That first sale is usually the hardest Then after you made your small amount of money you have to find another person and start the process over again.

This just seems like the hard way to make money online. If you disagree or had lots of success selling Clickbank products then leave a comment.

An easier way to make money with affiliate marketing is to share products that have deep sales in them.

These are products where if you sale 1 of them you can make $500, $1,000, $2,000+ per sale. Maybe have some low end products or free products on the front end, but once you build that relationship instead of throwing that asset away and starting over you can capitalize on it.

Most people don’t buy something right away. This is why the saying was in internet marketing, the money is in the list. Have you ever heard that saying before?

It should be the money is in what you do with the list. The list is people you can email to.

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