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What is MOJ App? How to Create Account and Video in Moj?



What is MOJ App?  How to Create Account and Video in Moj?

my app You are all welcome friends Website I’m like you guys know when TIC Toc After the closure of India, now our India has a lot of new Application has come.

When many of us in India Application become and My It is a very good app which you TIC Toc can be used instead.

and friends this Application in you TIC Toc like Video can be made and you can easily accounting make big Star You can become

So friends, now let’s know how you do this Application In accounting make and how Video So let’s know all this without wasting time.

What is MOj App?

Friends Moj App is a Short Video Making App that you can use to make small videos and enjoy watching videos.

Friends, let us tell you that this my app One indian app and this App share chat The company that made the app has made it.

And friends, the most surprising thing about this Moj app is that it got 1 million downloads within just four days, so you can guess what kind of app it will be.

and friends like you TIC Toc like in Video used to make it the same way My even in Video you can make it and friends my app to you play store out of download can do

Friends, if you want to make short videos, then you will get many apps in which you can easily make short videos.

Like friends, ever since Tik ToK was banned in India, many companies and App Makers in our country have started making this Short Video App.

my app

Now friends, below we are going to tell you about some such app which has been downloaded a lot in many days.

  1. Trail: Short Video App #1 Made in India
  2. Spark – Native Indian Short Video App
  3. Mitroo (Friends) – Indian Short Videos
  4. Roposo – India’s Own Video App
  5. Moj – short video app by ShareChat | made in india

friends of all trellis And spark In the present time, they are running very ahead as more than 10 million people have downloaded both of them.

And friends, after this these three apps like MitroN And roposo And My Which more than 5 million people have downloaded in their phones.

Friends, this 5 App is our Indian App, which are going very far in the present time. So friends, now let’s know how you will download this Moj App in your phone and after that we will know how you will create your account in it.

Moj App Kaise Download Kare?

friends if you my app Their own phone I download If you want to do this, you will not have to do much as you know that you can easily download any app from PlayStore.

So that’s why you have to go and open PlayStore on your phone and you have to search by writing Moj Short Video.

And friends, as soon as you search by writing this, then this Moj App will come in front of you and you can easily install this app in your phone.

And friends, that’s why we are giving a download link below, with the help of which you can easily download and install this Moj App.


And friends, now after installing this Moj App, you can easily enjoy watching videos from this app.

One more thing if you want to make video in Moj App along with watching video, then you have to create your account in it first.

And if you want to know how you will create an account in this Moj App, then read below and know everything about how you will create your account.

How to Create Account in Moj App?

Friends, as more people are installing this Moj App, in the same way, everyone in this app is wanting to create their own account and put their own video.

But friends, as you all know that just a few days ago there was a ban in Tik Tok India and since then this new app has come.

And that is why friends, some work of this Moj App is yet to be done, due to which a few selected people are making their account in Moj App and making videos.

Forward friends, as soon as the new update of Moj will come, along with that you can easily open Moj App Apna Account.

And friends, this is just a problem of Moj App for now which will be over in a few days. And friends, you get an option now, with the help of which you can put your video.

Friends, if you want to put your video in Moj App, then friends go down and know how you will make your video in Moj.

How to make video in Moj App?

Friends, if you want to put your video in Moj App, then let’s first know that how many long videos you can put in this Moj.

Like friends, we have already told you this app is all TIC Toc I meet a lot, that’s why in Moj you can make a video of 15 sec to 60 sec i.e. 1 Minute.

And friends, to put a video, you have to create an account in this Moj, although there is an option in which you can go to insert a video, but it will not work until your account is created.

Friends, if you want to create an account in Moj and want to put your video, then friends stay connected with us for every update of Moj.

For more information about Moj App, follow our website by giving email so that whatever new update comes about Moj App can reach you.

Which is the best short video app?

Trail and spark is the best short video software

What is the No.1 short video app in India?

“Trail” is eno.1 short video for India

Can I create a Moj account now?

You can install or install Moj app but now you can’t create your account, there is some problem on Amazon.


Friends, you know everything about Moj App and friends, now is the time for you to follow us so that we can tell you about every update of Moj.

And friends, if you liked this post, then do not forget to comment and share, friends, let’s spread this information all over the country and take forward your desi app.

After all, friends, do you have Ek Email Id, if it is then it is a very good thing, if it is not then you can easily learn how to create Email Id in our website.

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