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DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye In Hindi



DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye In Hindi

Friends, welcome to all of you, today we are going to talk on my website. DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye in your blog or website.

If you are a blogger and traffic is not coming in your blog, then this post will help you a lot and you can increase traffic in your blog.

So friends DuckDuckGo is such a way with the help of which you can increase your website traffic and in my website also a lot of traffic comes from DuckDuckGo, I will show you its proof below.

Friends, let’s start now and know how you will also bring DuckDuckGo Se Traffic. And I will tell you all the steps with proof.

first we will talk about this DuckDuckGo About me and after that all the steps will be known which will help you a lot.

What is DuckDuckGo?

Guys this DuckDuckGo one Search engine which is United States I was launched in 2008 and today there is a lot of traffic in it.


And friends, it is currently at 183 position in Worldwide Alexa Rank, so you can understand how much traffic you can get from it.

And friends, if you are getting this traffic from DuckDuckGo, then you will have traffic of United States on your blog and you will get better traffic from USA. CPC Get.

And friends, if you want to bring traffic from this web search engine to your website, then follow what you will be told below.

And friends, before that we let you see how much traffic I have brought to my website from DuckDuckGo.

Proof of traffic from DuckDuckGo

Friends, I will show you the traffic of one of my websites, which came to my website from DuckDuckGo, so let’s see below.

DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise LayeDuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye

Friends, you can see that more than 2000 traffic in my website has come from this search engine.

And friends, if you want, you can easily bring a lot of traffic from DuckDuckGo and after this post we will bring a post in which I will tell how to Kaise Traffic Laye from Bing and Yahoo.

So friends, let us now know what you have to do to bring traffic. And I will tell everything step by step below.

DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye?

if you DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye If you want to know, read this post till the bottom, you will understand everything.

Friends, if you want to bring this DuckDuckGo to Traffic, then you have to write a good post first.

And friends, this post that you will write, it should not be high volume, it should be low volume and low competition.

And friends, after this you have to add your website to three to four search engines. And you have to put your sitemap in all the search engines.

Like friends, you have to add your website to Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Yandex.

And friends, when you put a new post, then you request that post for index in all the search engines.

Right now you will have to submit your post to web directories as well, after doing this, traffic will start coming to your website from all the search engines.

And you will also be able to see that traffic will also come from DuckDuckGo in your website because friends DuckDuckGo does not have its own data center.

That is why he takes data from other search engines and the more your website is submitted to the search engine, then you will get traffic from DuckDuckGo along with getting traffic from all the search engines.

Now friends, let’s know some such questions that are asked many times about DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo Se Jyada Traffic Kaise Laye?

Friends, what do you need to bring traffic from any search engine, then the most important thing is the content of your website.

And friends, if your website has more good content ie Blog Posts, then you can get more traffic than any search engine.

And by the way, here is some work by which you can get more traffic on your website and that too with DuckDuckGo and let’s know what you can do.

DuckDuckGo Se Jyada Traffic Kaise Laye Before knowing this thing, remember that where is the search engine, then let me tell you that it is from USA and there it is used more and if your website targets USA, you will get more traffic from DuckDuckGo. Is.

If you do not know how you can target USA, then be careless, comment below, I will write a new post on it and make a video on YouTube.

If you want to learn blogging properly, brother, do one thing, subscribe to my YouTube channel and press the Bell Icon and all the blogging related videos I make will reach you.

And you can easily learn blogging absolutely for free and after that you can earn good money for the month by blogging and like blogger.

questions to ask

Where is DuckDuckGo’s search engine?

DuckDuckGo search engine is from United States.

DuckDuckGo has Search Console or not?

DuckDuckGo doesn’t have its own Search Console.

What year was DuckDuckGo Lucnh done?

DuckDuckGo was Lucnh in 2008.

Can we get DuckDuckGo Se Traffic?

Yes, you can easily take DuckDuckGo Se Traffic, you just have to do some work, with the help of which DuckDuckGo will bring traffic to your website.

Friends, you know everything, how will you do all this and you must have understood very well that DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye.

Last point:

Friends, if you can understand all this that Kaise you DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Layenge then very good and still you could not understand anything, then comment below.

And Dosto, I am going to write another post in the future, in which I will tell how you can get traffic from Bing and Yahoo too. While I myself have also taken this Bing and Yahoo part traffic of one lakh.

And friends stay connected with me to know how I bring tarffic to my website, when in just one year my website has brought more than 8 lakh traffic, so join and know all the things.

And for any kind of help in blogging, go to and comment, I will help you myself.

DuckDuckGo Se Traffic Kaise Laye If you want any more information about this, then tell me by commenting below.

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