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How to get Adsense approval within 24 hours

(How to get Adsense approval) Hello friends welcome to if you want to get adsense approval Read till the end again within 24 hours.

Before saying anything look at the image below what I found adsense approval recently. And all the steps I have mentioned that I am used to get approval.

If you are a beginner then you have to follow some tips which will surely help you to get AdSense approval quickly.

Again recently I got another Adsense approval for this website with just 8 posts in 24 hours. Prove is below.

How to get Adsense approval

(How to get Adsense approval )

Let’s have some conversation with you, dear friends, just give some answers to the questions given below in the comments.

  1. Is your website or blog mobile friendly?
  2. What is your blog or domain age?
  3. How many blog posts have you written?
  4. Can you have all the important pages in your blog?
  5. Are you properly optimized for your blog or website?
  6. Are you building social pages for your blog or website?
  7. Are you checking your copy (plagiarism) or your blog posts?
  8. Can Your Blog Have Spam Backlinks?
  9. Can you make your own blog post image?
  10. Do you write SEO Friendly Blog Post or Article on your blog?

Friends if you think your website is qualified with these questions then I have given you the guarantee. You can How to get Adsense approval within 24 hours. Plus, there are some other tips that help you get approved more quickly, i reveal the secret in the last point. If you website or blog is not qualified with above question then read below I keep process, how you can qualify blog or website. Let’s know the basic Adsense policy that you should know before starting your blog if you want to earn money through it (How to get Adsense approval)

Basic Policy for Getting AdSense Approval

If you want How to get Adsense approval then you have to follow AdSense Guidelines and Policies. Basically here we tell some content policy to How to get Adsense approval.

  • illegal content
  • misuse of intellectual property
  • endangered or threatened species
  • dangerous or degrading material
  • enable dishonest behavior
  • deceptive content
  • malicious or unwanted software
  • outspoken sexual content
  • mail order brides
  • Adult themes in family content
  • Child sexual abuse and abuse

These are the Content Policy for How to get Adsense approval, Also, if you want to know more about these above policies then read below I put the link ->

Adsense Friendly Templates

If you need quick AdSense approval then use AdSense friendly themes or templates to get instant approval. (How to get Adsense approval )

Also, we are providing some Adsense friendly templates or themes for Blogger and WordPress in the below section.

Adsense Friendly Template for Blogger

  1. Magician [Download]
  2. storify [Download]
  3. newpress [Download]
  4. evo news [Download]
  5. Plan [Download]

AdSense Friendly Theme for WordPress

  1. generate press [Download]
  2. bam [Download]
  3. colormag [Download]
  4. Perfume [Download]
  5. the coveted one [Download]

Important Factors to How to get Adsense approval

Let us find out how one can qualify with the above questions. Check these important factors to get quick Adsense approval.

1# Check Mobile Friendly

To make sure mobile-friendly is a major factor How to get Adsense approval, check it out before applying to Google Adsense.

If you don’t know how you can check your website mobile friendly then you just have to follow one path.

If you think that your website or blog is mobile friendly then very good and if there is any problem like below image then you have to fix this issue before applying on Google Adsense.

mobile friendly

If you find any page loading problem then guys, click on it and check if there are problems. Also if found some issue like below image.

mobile friendly

If you get these type of issues then it is not doing any problem for Adsense Approval. But if you find any other problem then you have to solve it before applying on Google AdSense.

Friends if you have found any other problem and it is not solved by you then comment below I should help you.

2# Blog / Website or Domain Age

Before applying for Google AdSense it is very important to check your website/blog or domain age and get old domain or old website quick adsense approval.

If the recommendation age of your domain and website is more than 1 month to 2 months then you get AdSense Approval immediately.

And if you are applying after one month make sure you are publishing post on your site on daily basis then you will get approval.

Let’s move on to the second point which helps in gaining acceptance quickly.

3# Number of blog posts

If you are applying on Google AdSense then you have to write at least the number of posts which will help you How to get Adsense approval

Make sure you write 15 to 25 posts before applying Google AdSense and after applying on Google AdSense you have to write posts continuously for minimum 15 days.

If you have already written more than 25 post then you have qualified in second point now you have to check third point which is mentioned below.

Write each blog post above 1000 words if you want to get quick Adsense approval.

4# Can your blog have important pages

Make sure your blog and website have the privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, contact us, and all important about us pages.

If your blog does not have these important pages then AdSense will reject your application, so make your important pages before applying to Google AdSense.

In the below paragraph I have listed the links that you can easily create your Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions page.

If you don’t know how to make contact us and about page then comment me below I will definitely mention that point in next update.

5# Proper optimization of your website

Proper optimization of your blog or website means not just choosing a good theme, you have optimized by the following points.

  • Create your primary menu including all the important pages.
  • Create a social profile of your website and then mention them on your blog.
  • Never leave an invalid URL (e.g. if your site has a Facebook Follow button, make sure you put a link to the Facebook page there.)
  • Check your complete website or blog can it navigate properly.

If you find that all the above points are fine on your website or blog then proceed to do another fact check.

6# Can your blog have social pages

Google AdSense gives instant approval on authorization based blog or website.

If you want Adsense Approval quickly then you must have Add Social Pages Link on your website.

Make sure all your social page links are properly added and working properly.

7# Check Copied Content

It is very important to check if your blog post shows copied content. Because AdSense never approves who steals others’ content.(How to get Adsense approval )

If you do not know how you can check your copy (plagiarism) score, then I have given a link below through which you can easily check plagiarism for free.

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool –

Check out your entire website and make sure your blog post is 100% unique.

8# Check Spam Backlinks

Dear friends, you need to check your spam score and spam backlinks for your site. Do you know how you can check the spam score of a website?

you can use mozu To check the spam score of a website. So, first, check your website spam score, then check your backlinks domain spam score.

If you find any Spam Backlink, then remove that Backlink immediately. can you how to find all backlinks know all backlink details just go here google search console.

backlinks check

First, open Google Search Console, and then you get the Link option as mentioned in the image above, click on More > then you can get all the backlinks of your site.

Then also check the spam score of all the backlinks, if you get the spam score of any backlink, then immediately discard the backlink.

Be sure to check your backlinks in Google Search Console, don’t use other backlink checker tools.

#9 Image ownership

Before applying for AdSense make sure that your website or blog uses all copyright free images or images created by yourself.

Do not use copyrighted image on your blog post it kills your ranking as well as copy image increases your spam score.

If you want to get AdSense Approval in 24 hours then you have to create Unique and Attractive Images yourself.

Now let’s move on to the last point of this post.

10# Do you write SEO Friendly, Blog Post

First of all explain why Google AdSense approved any site, their business is to show ads, and it is the major income source of Google company.

Which Blogs Rank Quickly SEO Friendly Blog If the blog ranks high and generates money then Google also generates money. (How to get Adsense approval )

So, Google also sees which blog has bright future, so if write SEO friendly, there is 100% chance of blog post that you can How to get Adsense approval within 24 hours.

Now all the points I have disclosed that I have worked How to get Adsense approval , I definitely mention that I worked in the last two years before implementing Google AdSense, by following these points I should Got 20+ AdSense approvals.

Q1 – how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute?

you have no chance of getting Google adsense approval in 1 minute.

Q2 – Can I get AdSense approval within 24 hours?

Yes it is possible that you can easily get Adsense approval in 24 hours.

Q3 – Is Google AdSense approved Hindi blog?

Yes, Google AdSense has approved Hindi blogs.

Q4 – Can I get AdSense approval without blogpost?

Yes, you can How to get Adsense approval without any blog post, all you need is a lot of traffic to your website.

Hint: If you want How to get Adsense approval in 24 hours then follow below trick.

Must apply for Adsense on USA official time.

If you are applying for Google AdSense in United States of America official time then your website or blog will be reviewed quickly by Google employee. (How to get Adsense approval)

final thoughts:

Lastly, I put all the details that can help you How to get Adsense approval in 24 hours. If you think your blog is eligible on these points, then you can apply for Adsense now.

If you have any problem in understanding any point then comment me I definitely help you, just comment me, and if you need premium help for free then you can create your account on

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