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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) update 1.7 brings mysterious crossovers, theme mods, crate coupon price changes, and more



Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) update 1.7 brings mysterious crossovers, theme mods, crate coupon price changes, and more

is crafton shared details About the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.7 Update. BGMI is getting a crossover with the new League of Legends Netflix series, of distinction, which brings the new Mirror World theme mode. Along with these, BGMI gets new gameplay features like piggybacking and grenade indicators with the new update. Crafton has also revealed that players who download the new BGMI update 1.7.0 will receive two Classic Crate coupons. With the new update, the premium and classic crate coupon prices will also be reduced.

BGMI Update 1.7.0 Release Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.7.0 update will be released on November 19, 2021 for Android and iOS devices. Players can update the game google play store Or app Store To access new content.

BGMI Update 1.7.0 New Features

Here’s what you’ll find in the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India update:

mirror world theme mode

The Mirror World theme mode will be on Erangel, Sanhok and Livik maps. The mod will feature Mirror Islands that will appear at random locations on these maps. At the start of each round, the map will show when and where the Mirror Island will appear. Once you get to that location, you’ll see a wind barrier that will teleport you to Piltover Mirror Island or Zune Mirror Island. Piltover and Zune are both areas of League of Legends. Once you roam Mirror Island, your character will transform from arcane to V, Jinx, Jessie or Caitlyn. Each character has a specific set of weapons and abilities that you can use to defeat your enemies. If you want to see a different character, you can do so while standing at the transformation device on Mirror Island. Mirror Island will also feature mysterious monsters that you can kill, and Hextec chests that contain in-game items.

Mirror Island will be disabled after some time and players will be dropped on the map again. You can find and collect Hextech crystals at Erangel, which will give you access to the Dynahex Supply Shop once you’ve collected enough crystals. Dynahex Supply Shop has weapons, ammo, armor, weapon mods, med kits, grenades, first aid kits, and more. You can defeat mysterious monsters on Erangel to get more Hextec crystals.

Gameplay Features

With the November 2021 update, BGMI will allow players to outrun teammates and enemies. This can prove to be a life saver if you manage to get your partner to a safe place before resuscitating him. It should be noted that you cannot shoot, sprint or ride a vehicle while piggybacking. Also the game has a new indicator for grenades and a new smoke effect on smoke grenades.

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crate coupon price change

is crafton announced There are a few changes in BGMI for crate coupons that will be effective with the new update. The new prices for Crate Coupons are listed below:

  • Premium Crate Coupon – 60 UC (previously 120 UC)
  • Classic Crate Coupon – 60 UC (previously 120 UC)

These changes will not apply to Supply Crate Coupons. With these, players will now need 5 scraps to combine and create a Premium Crate Coupon instead of 10. Other crates will require 10 scraps for the coupon.

Crafton also shared details about the exchange ratio between old and new crate coupons and scrap:



Premium Crate Coupon x 1

Premium Crate Coupons x 2

Classic Crate Coupon x 1

Classic Crate Coupons x 2

Supply Crate x 1 Coupon

Supply Crate x 1 Coupon

Premium Crate Coupon Scrap x 1

Premium Crate Coupon Scrap x 1

Classic Crate Coupon Scrap x 1

Classic Crate Coupon Scrap x 2

Supply Crate x 1 Coupon

1 x Supplies Crate Coupon Scrap

With the BGMI November 2021 update, all crate coupons and scraps will get new icons.

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