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PUBG New State Anti-Cheat Update Rolls Out on Android; iOS update coming soon



Developers say PUBG new stat is coming through lag, game control and optimization fixes

Crafton has also released Statement Describing his attitude towards rising cases of fraud in pubg new state. The developer has implemented advanced measures to identify unauthorized third-party programs in real time. It will also look for potential loopholes that could be exploited to develop even more advanced third-party programs for fraud. Crafton will release additional updates next week to detect and ban unauthorized apps.

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Similar to other multiplayer games, Crafton will have to develop its anti-cheat approach over time. Even after being banned from the game, PUBG New State players can create new accounts and use different methods to cheat. As the anti-cheat team searches for a way to detect and ban these unauthorized apps, the developers and vendors of these tools keep on finding new ways to bypass the anti-cheat system. The only way to tackle this issue is to find out what kind of loopholes can be exploited and such vulnerabilities can be rectified at the earliest.

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