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Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update: How to Download OB31 Update, Release Date in India and more



Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update: How to Download OB31 Update, Release Date in India and more

Garena has finally announced the details of its new advanced server update. The popular battle royale game allows users to try out new features before they go public. Through Advanced Server OB Updates, you can experience them in the main application. The latest version of Advanced Server, the OB31 update, has a release date of this month. But what’s so special about the OB31 update, what features can you expect and how to register for the Advanced Server OB31 Update. Here’s everything you need to know about it Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update, Including its launch date and a handy step-by-step guide how to download it,

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What is Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update?

As we mentioned (above), the Free Fire Advance Server OB31 update is the best way for gamers to experience the game’s upcoming, beta features ahead of its globally release. The new patch, named Advance Server OB31, will be available in November. The developers at Garena rely on select users to help them test the game, report any bugs and give them suggestions on how to make the game even better. Advance Server works through a separate application, which can only be downloaded from the Garena Free Fire official website. So, if you love playing Garena Free Fire, don’t miss the chance to explore the yet to be released features of the game.

Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update Release Date and Time

The Garena Free Fire Advance website has shared the release date for the Advance Server OB31 update. You can visit the Garena Free Fire website between November 18th and November 25th to register for the latest Advance Server Patch. The advanced server opening date is November 18th.

How to Register for Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update

Now that you know everything about Free Fire Advanced Server and what it brings to the table. How does one register to experience the new features? we’ve got you covered. To get started just follow these steps:

  • go to free fire advanced server Website
    free fire
  • Tap on the ‘Login Facebook’ button to register (as seen above)
  • Fill the personal details like full name, email id and mobile number
  • Click on Join Now Button
  • Download apk file from website while server is live
  • Install the APK file on your mobile and start playing the trial version of Garena Free Fire

Note: You need an activation code to gain access to Free Fire Advanced Server

How to Get Free Fire Advance Server Activation Codes

There is no way for you to access Free Fire Advance servers without an activation code. Therefore, it is important that you register for Advanced Server when the window opens on November 18th as there are limited Advanced Server codes. Many players who register for Free Fire Advance Server Access cannot receive an activation code.

Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Registration Start and End Date

Garena has revealed the latest registration dates for Free Fire Advanced Server OB31. The server goes live on November 18th, and will be available for a period of one week until November 25th. Use this time to test new features and report bugs to the developer.

Why is Free Fire Advanced Server a Big Deal?

Gaining early access to any feature helps gamers get used to the new settings faster, giving them an edge over other players when the feature officially rolls out. You can also try out new equipment, weapons that are being developed behind the scenes, and get a feel for what’s going to happen over the next few weeks. Advance Server is your gateway to achieve more success and win more rewards on Garena Free Fire.

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Can’t Download Free Fire OB31 Advanced Server?

Since there is limited access to Free Fire Advanced servers, you might not be able to check out upcoming features this time around. However, you can register for the next Advanced Server Update once Garena officially announces it.

Will Garena Delete Free Fire Account If You Get Free Fire OB31 Advanced Server Access?

Thankfully, anyone who registers for the Free Fire OP31 Advanced Server will not lose their Garena Free Fire account. The company has made it clear that a user will retain their Free Fire account even if they are able to test using Advanced Server OB31.

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