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how to take attendance in google meet



how to take attendance in google meet

Video conferencing software and platforms have been growing in popularity ever since the world was hit by this pandemic. When people were made to stay indoors, these software/platforms helped everyone around the world, be it students or corporate, through communication through the internet. Since then, video meeting websites and software such as Google Meet have been upgraded over time with additional functionalities to enrich the online conference experience while making meetings a less difficult task. One such feature has been added to Google Meet and an important one is the ability to take the attendance of the participants for proper recording and acknowledge their presence like in schools, colleges and corporate organizations.

What is Google Meet Attendance?

Google Meet Attendance, as the name suggests, allows the organizer or host of the meeting to take the attendance of the participants. This happens automatically as participants enter the meeting, their name, time of joining and how long they were present are collected and recorded in the attendance report.

Unfortunately, the local attendance recording function is reserved for Google Workspace and G Suite members, which are paid services offered by Google. But, on the other hand, Google Meet has support for Chrome extensions, which means you can take advantage of a number of third-party tools for added functionality.

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how to attend google meet on laptop

As mentioned earlier, while the native attendance recording feature in Google Meet is available exclusively to Google Workspace and G Suite members, here’s how you can go about it:

Using a Workspace or G Suite account

  • If you’re a Google Workspace or G Suite user, click the 3-dot menu after hosting the meeting
  • Click on Settings and then select ‘Host Control’
  • Here you will find ‘Attendance Tracking’. just toggle it on

With that, you are all set to start capturing attendees to engage and leave records.

using chrome extensions

For free Gmail users, attendance can be registered using a Chrome extension. Here are the steps to get a presence in Google Meet:

Take a presence in Google Meet through an extension
Several options are provided within the extension
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and install an extension called “Meet Attendance”. as an alternative, Click on this link to download
  • This extension requires you to be signed in with a Gmail account to record and capture attendance in Google Spreadsheets
  • Once you’re signed in, create a meeting in Google Meet. The detail can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Participants’ tab
  • Now start Allowing Participants in Meetings and make sure the toggle is on
  • The extension automatically starts capturing the attendance of all participants as they enter the meeting
  • Click on the ‘Checkmark’ icon to access the Google spreadsheet where data such as joining time, leaving time and duration is captured for all participants
  • Alternatively, you can also select the ‘Download’ icon to download the .csv file (Excel file) to access the attendance details locally
Google Meet Attendance Record in a Spreadsheet
Records recorded automatically by extension

This data is automatically captured in Google Spreadsheets and updated throughout Google Meet.

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how to take google meet attendance on mobile phone

As stated earlier, native support for taking presence on Google Meet is reserved for Workspace and G Suite users, same is the case for smartphones. In that case, free Gmail users need to use a Chrome extension once again to collect presence on Google Meet. But, the caveat here is that the Chrome browser for mobile does not support any kind of Chrome extension. To overcome that, there is a browser called ‘Kiwi Browser’ which is one of only a few Chromium-based browsers on the Play Store that has the functionality to install Chrome extensions like the desktop counterpart.

For this to work, you’ll need to host the meetings through the Kiwi browser and not through the dedicated ‘Meet’ or ‘Gmail’ app. This is because extensions only work in the browser when accessing websites.

Here are the steps to take attendance on mobile phone through Kiwi browser:

Register a presence in Google Meet on a mobile phone
  • Go to Play Store and download ‘Kiwi Browser’
  • Now just like you would download the extension on the desktop browser from the Chrome Web Store, you will have to do the same on the Kiwi browser for mobile. Download an extension called ‘Google Meet Attendance’ which can be found Here
  • Host the meeting through this browser only. go for and login with your respective gmail account
  • Toggle this site on ‘Desktop Mode’ if it loads the mobile version
  • Once you’re logged in, create a ‘new meeting’ and start adding participants to the meeting
  • Now, click on the 3-dot menu of the browser at the top right. Check out the Google Meet Attendance extension
  • Select the extension and after the meeting is over, from here you will be able to download the attendance report of the meeting

This attendance detail will capture participants’ joining and leaving times in a spreadsheet just like the PC version

So friends, this is how you can take attendance on Google Meet for both desktop and mobile phones. It is a tedious job but gets the job done. After all, having a record of attendance can be too important in some organizations to overlook the attendance of participants.

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