How To Log Out Meesho Account?

Meesho is an online shopping website or application based in Bangalore. It acts as a platform to connect sellers and buyers in a hassle free manner.

A wide variety of products ranging from home appliances, furnishings, kitchen wares to cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and footwear are available all in one place on Meesho.

If you find it difficult to log out of Meesho website or Meesho app, then this article will help you to log out of Meesho website and Meesho app.

How to Log Out Meesho Account?

On Meesho Mobile App:

Steps to Log Out Meesho Account on Mobile App:

  • Phase 1: Locate the Meesho app on your phone.
  • step 2: Now long press on the Meesho app and three options will pop up-Share, app info, uninstall,
  • step 3: tap on ‘app Info‘Out of three options.
  • step 4: On the next page you will get an option as ‘net figures, Click on it.
  • Step 5: then click on ‘clear cache‘Select again’clear all data,
  • Step 6: All your current account data will be cleared and you will be logged out of that account. Now you can log in to another account.

On Meesho website:

Steps to log out Meesho account on website:

  • Phase 1: In the sign-in account you’re using, look for three small lines on the left.
  • step 2: On clicking on it a long list of categories and other options will be given along with logout option at the end.
  • step 3: On that menu scroll down and select ‘log outOption to successfully log out of Meesho account.

The app is so user friendly and it is very easy to sign in. But Meesho app does not provide direct log-out option. If you are not using the app, you can uninstall the app. And if you want to use a new account, reinstall the app and log in using your new number.


A secure and happy shopping can be done with the online application Meesho. It also helps in ensuring profit for the people dreaming of small business. It works as an overall reliable application.

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