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Meesho is India’s trending reselling platform. It allows users to earn money by sharing products on social media.

The newest member of the Unicorn Club is Meesho. He crossed the $1 billion capitalization mark in just five years. More than one crore people deal with Meesho.

Meesho Order Tracking

You can easily track Meesho order through Meesho app by following the steps given below-

  • Open Meesho app, where your account is logged in.
  • On the home screen you will see five icons at the bottom. Choose ‘count’ Option.
  • Tap on the particular order you want to track.
  • then click on ‘narrow road’ Option.
  • select again ‘Open Courier Link’ And you will be redirected to the tracking details.
  • If you are reselling the product, you can share the tracking details on WhatsApp with the customer.

How can I contact Meesho Delivery Agent?

You cannot contact Meesho delivery agent directly. When placing an order, you will need to share a phone number at the address to which the order will be delivered. The delivery agent will contact on that number on the day of delivery.

If you have any other issue, you can contact Meesho Customer Care 08061799600,

How long does it take to delivery Meesho?

At Meesho, when you buy a home product, it will be shipped within 2-3 business days and delivered within 4-5 business days after it’s shipped.

On the other hand, for any international product, it may take 10-15 working days to ship and it will be received within the next 4-5 working days.

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Can I request fast delivery on Meesho?

No, you will not be able to adjust shipping times or have it delivered on a specific day. The app displays estimated delivery times for each good.

Does Meesho refund the money?

For prepaid orders, Meesho refunds the order value in case of cancellation or return. In case of online payment, the refund will be credited to your source account, and in case of COD, it will be credited to your Meesho-registered bank account.

What does Meesho’s next-day dispatch mean?

The Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) program forces sellers to ship the next business day after receiving the order. We deliver all catalogs that qualify for the NDD program and give more exposure because faster dispatch improves the user experience.

How long does it take for Meesho to return the money?

Refunds are processed the next business day after the item is picked up. Also, don’t forget to edit the bank account where you want to send your refund. You can do this under the ‘My Bank Details’ section under the Account page.

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