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Meesho is another marketplace for a safe and secure online shopping experience. Women’s apparel and accessories are central to the online shopping site. Their product catalog includes the latest trends in every category including sarees, kurtis, suits, jewellery, and much more.

All such products can be sold through various social media channels. Meesho based in Bangalore aspires to establish an industry where one can promote their product without any upfront cost. The startup was founded in 2015 in Bangalore, India.

Meesho currently has about 17 million resellers, of whom 15 million are women. It also has 60,000 suppliers.

Meesho displays various categories of wholesale products. All products are subject to quality inspection, and the company verifies that they are sourced from reliable sources. You can resell Meesho products. This allows you to sell a wide variety of products and expand your customers.

Here we will talk about a list of things that you can resell through Meesho;

Meesho products list includes

  • Meesho Kitchen Products
  • Meesho Home Products
  • where cotton wears
  • western dress for women
  • where men wear
  • apparel for kids
  • keep jewelery
  • Meesho Skincare And Cosmetics
  • Meesho Furnishing Items

Meesho Kitchen Products

misho kitchen

Meesho has a wide variety of useful kitchen products. You can get cutlery and kitchen tools such as knives, cutting boards, and a variety of spoons, as well as other kitchen-related products and tools.

You may also find storage boxes, cookware, and bakeryware such as various pots and pans, dining sets such as plates, coffee mugs, and tea sets, and kitchen equipment such as mixers, grinders, stoves, ovens, and induction stoves. things. All these products come with superior quality at an affordable price.

Meesho Home Products

Meesho Homecare Products

Who doesn’t need home appliances? In our daily life we ​​feel the need of many home appliances. Meesho offers a wide variety of household products like fans, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, lights etc. You will get quality products at reasonable prices.

where to wear cottons

where to wear cotton

You can buy many types of sarees through Meesho app. Silk Sarees, Cotton Silk Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Georgette and Chiffon Sarees, Satin Sarees, Solid Sarees, Embroidered Sarees, and Zari Woven Sarees are among the many categories that they offer. This is a collection of women’s ethnic dress.

The vendors list high quality cotton sarees. You will have cotton sarees of different designs and colours. Since cotton is a comfortable material to wear, people mostly prefer to wear it. That’s why most of the people buy cotton sarees from Meesho.

Apart from sarees, you will find other ethnic wear like suits, salwars, lehengas, kurtis, skirts and sets, blouses, undergarments etc. Even under these categories, you can segregate them into different areas like jaipuri dress, chanderi dress, embroidery. Dress, cotton dress, etc.

western dress for women

western dress for women

You can also sell tops and tunics, t-shirts, dresses, gowns and other types of western clothing for women. Meesho also allows you to offer western clothing as a set. Jeans, leggings, palazzos, shorts and skirts are all items that can be sold. Women’s lingerie, as well as nightwear such as nightwear, can be sold.

where men wear

where men wear

Meesho also includes a men’s section where you can buy T-shirts, shirts and winter clothing including hoodies, coats and sweaters. You can buy bottom wear like tracksuit bottoms, jeans, capris, formal pants etc.

You can also find a variety of items for men, such as leather watches, strap watches, chain watches, digital watches, fit bands, etc. Apart from this, you can buy many types of belts, such as casual, formal and different varieties of them.

You can also buy purses and men’s jewelry like hand bands, rings, studs etc. You can also buy a variety of sunglasses, bags and shoes.

Along with that, you can also get ethnic wear like kurtas and kurtas, ethnic jackets, ethnic bottom wear etc. under a different category.

apparel for kids

apparel for kids

You can also buy a separate category of products for kids using Meesho. T-shirts and jeans for boys or a formal set of clothing for girls, various other outfits for girls like frocks, skirts, jeans and t-shirts.

Ethnic wear, sleepwear and winter wear are also available for both girls and boys. Babies or children below 2 years of age can buy things from the market. Children’s clothing, traditional clothing and other items are available.

You can also buy various toys or accessories for kids, such as teddies, shoes, crayon sets, children’s watches, children’s purses and backpacks, etc. You will also get baby care items as well.

misho jewelery

keep jewelery

There are many collections of jewelery in Meesho. You can also buy and sell men’s jewelry sets with mangal sutras, earrings and studs, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chains, rings, anklets and toe rings etc.

Meesho Skincare And Cosmetics

Skincare & Cosmetics

Meesho is also not behind in terms of beauty products. You’ll find beauty kits, creams, and other facial makeup tools for women, as well as eye cosmetics like mascara, nail paints, lip colors, brushes and tools, and hair tools like hair dryers, hair straighteners, and more. will get.

Facial care items such as face washes, hair care products, body care products such as creams or lotions, fragrances and deodorants, eye care and hair care products are some of the beauty products available for women.

Men’s grooming items, such as beard oil, beard combs, and beard related products, shaving basics, skin and hair care items, men’s perfumes and sprays, and more are also on display.

Meesho Furnishing Items

Meesho Furnishing Items

On Meesho you can find household items like curtains, bedsheets, floor mats and bathrobes, pillows or cushion covers, mattress coverings etc.

Various types of decorations and organizers, such as covers for various items, wall stickers, artworks, lights, clocks, decorative items, garment storage, organizers and laundry bags, flower vases etc. are available.

Cleaning items like detergent, hand soap, cleaning liquid, sanitary ware, farming, and insect prevention items like mosquito nets, mosquito bats, etc. are also available.

Meesho has thousands of products across all categories listed on Meesho. You can either buy these products or you can resell them. The products are of good quality and affordable price.

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